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Looking for a creative coach to help you?

I can help you focus on your creative work... and balance your life
Artists, authors, performers, designers and people and creatives know the challenges of living a creative life. It can feel lonely, and stressful trying to live up to your vision, run your business and balance your work and personal life.

Creatives often struggle with self-doubt, fear or uncertainty and don't realise that coaching can provide a context to focus on creating confidence, trust and finding positive solutions.

Coaching can help face everyday challenges, clear creative blocks, create healthy habits and strategies for a fulfilling creative life.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a creative conversation,
a time and space for you to 'think', to 'be' and explore inspiration for your life.

Coaching is an opportunity
to be seen and heard by a professional coach,
to practice and train you to be you now in a way that you will love

Coaching creates transformation and finds solutions to life's challenges

How does it work?

We meet in person, or online to discuss what you would like to explore or focus on and then we make a bespoke process and plan for you. Some people take on practices to do between sessions or decide on actions to make.


I coach my clients regularly
(usually weekly or bi-weekly)
to focus on aims and goals


I coach online (internationally),
and in-person (locally)

(Brighton & Hove/Sussex)
- contact me for more details

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Explore how I can help you with your creativity, life dreams and goals

Who am I to coach you?
I have continually reinvented myself professionally.

My creative life has included painting, photography, performance, video, writing books, celebratory arts, costumes, events, festivals, embodiment teaching, leading classes, workshops, retreats and online events, trainings and conferences.

With over 30 years of experience in life-transforming practices such as yoga, meditation, facilitation and coaching. I have many valuable skills and processes I can share with you.

Testimonials - What do people say?

"Ady is a very special coach. His kindness and spirituality shine through in the care and attention he pays to his clients. I have been very fortunate to enjoy his calming, soothing support (and challenge!) and recommend him highly to anyone looking to make a change."

Astrid Korin, Executive Coach

“I had some powerful coaching sessions with Ady they proved invaluable as I discovered some deep new insights about myself. Ady was super present and offered me the space I needed to explore my thinking and come to my own conclusions. I felt supported and encouraged. Ady’s mix of coaching and mindfulness offered me the perfect place to grow and make progress. Thank you.”

Jon Prince -The Perception Coach

“I came to Ady with kind of an existential conundrum… but that didn't phase him. We didn't explore answers, we didn't work up an action plan and we didn't set any goals. And I'm glad we didn't. He created a space in which I could be heard, seen, and held – and that turned out to be exactly what I needed. I came away from the sessions feeling a greater sense of trust in myself and able to hold my own confusion around something that felt important to me, in a more loving and lighter way. Ady's caring, non-judgemental tone allowed me to air some tender thoughts which allowed something to shift and lift for me. I'm very grateful for his time and patience. Thank you! ”
Chris Harrison
Artist & Graphic Designer

“Ady's coaching sessions are sensitive, constructive, and mindful, giving manageable action plans. His style is caring, open, and light-hearted. He has given me tools to help me find moments of calm and connection throughout a busy schedule and set realistic goals for reaching the sort of future I'd like for myself. Thanks!”

Nina Ockendon Powell
Performer, Science Researcher & Parent

Life is always changing, and creative people can adapt to the uncertainty of modern life,
with vision, skill and flair.


Coaching can help YOU...

Be inspired
Discover your inner resources
Create confidence & clarity
Trust yourself to create the life you'd love to live
Be successful!

An invitation 

Coaching packages

I can create a bespoke coaching package for you as an individual.
I work on a sliding scale basis depending on whats honestly affordable for you.

We can discuss other possibilities and create something that suits you.
A few example packages*

You will also receive free access to weekly online Yoga and meditation class, meditation audio and video recordings.

'A Year in the Light' coachees also receive specific video and audio recordings made especially for them including practice guidance and free access to half-day and whole day practice days. Follow up messaging communications between sessions to stay on track with your goals.

Payments can be made, in advance, weekly or monthly. Contact me to discuss what you need.

Life is demanding for us all right now, are you ready to rise up and respond to it?

I believe in the creativity within all human beings.
I coach people to listen to their inner voice of inspiration and make their dreams into a reality.

I think our ability to live well is based on an imaginative response to life,
on inner resources and wisdom, we can develop through practice and training, and life experience.

I passionately believe in helping people lead a creative purposeful life.

Contact Ady* for a FREE discovery call

Explore how I can help you with your creativity, life dreams and goals

I also help people as a website designer
to create online presence and develop their creative businesses